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The Story of Gustave...
“Le génie ne se cache pas facilement” (Jean d’Autours)
There is a paucity of information on Gustave Fragrifert and his short but dramatic life spanning three decades around the turn of the 20 th century. Indeed, the objects that, quite by chance, came into our possession would seem to contain the most authoritative sources of information about his existence.

Combined with sparse results from genealogical and literature research and some information from contacts in Europe, Fragrifert Parfumeur ™ has been successful ascertaining the general outlines of the life story of its eponymous antecedent. And what a story it is! An intensely human tragedy Victor Hugo would have been proud to create…

Gustave Alphonse Fragrifert was born in 1880 in the hamlet of Ravignole-sur-Champs, France, as the youngest son in a large, happy and apparently well-to-do family. But at the tender age of four, his cosy and secure life is cruelly torn apart….
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Behold the family of Gustave
They’re close and happy, all for one
As is their summertime tradition
they hold a picnic in the sun
the birds are praising nature’s glory
brioches and tartiflettes for tea
They play their games, enjoy the sunshine
A scene idyllic as can be.
A cave nearby invites exploring
They all start playing seek and hide
But suddenly the earth starts moving
And traps the family inside.
A tiny gap is all remaining
Gustave, the smallest, can fit through
Their fate depends upon his doing
“So RUN my boy! We trust in you…”
The heavens open and it’s pouring
And Gustave knows the stakes are raised
His little legs are pumping madly
Exhausted, panting, feeling dazed
He somehow makes it to the village
And gasps his story to the wives
Between his sobs and desp’rate pleading
“you must go now to save their lives”
The men grab bridles tools and horses
And ride like furies through the night
While Gustave’s praying with the women
“Please God, let everything come right!”
But when they reach the dread location
‘t is clear that they have lost the game:
His loving family’s no longer
And little Gustave feels to blame. . .

“How did Gustave end up becoming a perfumer? Why did he write his formulas in code? How come he never sold any of his own perfumes? What was he doing in Borneo? How did his possessions end up in New Zealand?
These and any other questions you might have, may be answered by watching the full show 'The Story of Gustave' in the Fragrifert Theatrette at 1 Upland Road, Kelburn (a.k.a. 'the top of the Cable Car'), Wellington, New Zealand”.
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